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Advisory Board

 The advisory board is responsible for providing the oversight, growth mandates and governance of TATIC.  Our Board of advisors covers a broad cross-section of respected leaders across all sectors, from Turkey – Africa. As an organization that promotes trade and investment between Turkey – Africa, the perspective, experience, knowledge and reputation of our board ensure that we remain formidable and impactful.

Executive Committee

TATIC’s activities are driven by its executive leadership. Led by the President, Muhammed Ali Canktar, the leadership and staff of TATIC consist of extraordinary business individuals from Turkey and Africa. The global depth and experience of our leadership ensures that TATIC consistently support our members and their arrangement in various endeavours


TATIC has various committees that drive all aspect of the organization. These committees consist of highly experienced business individuals drawn from various sectors; support the work of the Forum with diverse experience and expertise of Council Members; promote the exchange of knowledge with external individual and institutions; and chair events and conferences

Chapter Heads

Our chapters in various African countries and Turkey ensures that activities of TATIC are in tandem with policy framework of government and also members expectations are met.


We significant growth in membership from Turkey and Africa, TATIC is poised to be one of the most formidable trade nd investment organizations in the world.


  1. a) Membership: The Membership Committee oversees membership recruitment and retention, as well as maintains our event calendar, assuring interesting speakers and exciting events for our members. This committee also has the honor of serving as Ambassadors for new members and potential new members to our organization.


  1. b) Marketing & Social Media: The Marketing & Social Media provides guidance on ways to increase visibility of the Trade Council, promote all Trade Council events and its member businesses, using traditional and online tactics. The Marketing Committee schedules meetings as needed throughout the year.


  1. c) Public Relations Committee: The Public Relations Committee manages and contributes significantly to the Trade Council newsletters, Press Releases and position papers


  1. d) Public Service: The Public Service Committee was created to assist the Trade Council in selecting, coordinating, and conducting community service projects for members to participate in, enhancing our community.


  1. e) Events and Projects Committee: The Event & Projects Committee provides planning and guidance on ways to increase to execute events and projects of TATIC.


The affairs of TATIC is currently run by an interim steering committee. The global depth and experience of our leadership ensures that TATIC consistently support our members and their arrangement in various endeavours

Trade Missions

Exhibition and Trade Shows

Turkey Africa Trade and Investment Awards

Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

Young Entrepreneurs Development Project

Inter Government Relations

Turkey - Africa Work Internships

Research and Surveys

Turkey - Africa Startup Fund

Africa President Investment Cup and Dinner/Ball

Head of Investment Commission Retreat

Turkey Africa Property Investment Show

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