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About us

About us

Trade Alliance and Trusted Investment Council (TATIC)


is an organization committed to promoting trade and investment between Turkey and Africa. TATIC is a platform for business networking and collaborations leading to increased volumes of trade and investment for countries and businesses.

We organize investment summits, trade expos, trade delegations to explore new opportunities. TATIC collaborates with other organizations with similar goals and facilitates the sharing of common business interests between Turkey and Africa. We also organize meetings, initiate and supervise transactions to maximize opportunities to our members.

TATIC is a driving force for international business between Turkey and African businesses, we promote foreign investment drive to Africa and help African businesses explore the large Turkish market. Our focus is to advocate on behalf of the private sector in the Turkish African trade axis, in respect of these objectives







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Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To provide an excellent collaborative platform in trade, tourism and investment, and be recognized as an essential driving force for international trade between Turkish and African businesses. Our aim is to be the link for businesses to appropriate governments, potential business partners and enhance business growth for our members.

Our Mission

TATIC is dedicated to economically empowering and sustaining member communities through trade partnership, investment consulting and promoting trade opportunities in both Turkish and Africa via interaction with both regions' businesses and governmental regions.
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